On-Site Resources

We have a great maintenance team who are regularly on site. If you need any help, advice, buy something or order a delivery, please ask them.

The association has a number of petrol operated rotavators and strimmers that are available to loan they must be returned refuelled or a donation made for the fuel used.
If we don't feel you are competent to the the equipment, or you do not feel confident in doing so, our maintenance team are available for hire to rotovate for you.

Rotavate Yourself
Charge covers: labour, fuel, wear and tear.
Full plot is £20
Half plot is £10
Starter plot is £5

Plot rotavated for you
Charge covers: labour, fuel, wear and tear.
Full plot is £50
Half plot is £30
Starter plot is £15

Community Room
The Trading Post
Rotavators and Strimers

The community room is for all plot holders to use. There are hot and cold drinks available or you can bring your own (there are facilities to boil water).
There is plenty of seating, so if you want to rest, shelter or meet up with other plot holders please do come along.
It is open most weekends and a lot of the time in the week, but if its closed and you want to use it please ask any member of the committee who should be able to open it for you.

This is our allotment shop. It is open every Saturday and Sunday 10-12 throughout the growing season (March to October).
We sell everything from recycled tools to bags of compost and spare plants. All profits go directly to the association so we all benefit from its success.

Manure and Woodchip

Horse Manure:
We have deliveries of Fresh horse manure and there are 3 options open to you:

  1. A trailer load of horse manure is available from a local farmer and costs £20 a load delivered to your plot. There is often a queue for this, so get your order in early.

  2. A dumper truck load is delivered by our maintenance team to your plot and costs £10 (roughly half of the farmers trailer load).

  3. You can take a wheelbarrow load of manure yourself for 60p a barrow load.

We have deliveries of woodchip and these are free to take from the pile,. a Dumper truck load delivered to your plot costs £5.

For Manure or Woodchip deliveries please contact Dave or Larry.