Plot to Plate.

Disability Direct opened its accessible plot, Plot to Plate, in 2017 and since then the project has created partnerships with various organisations. The accessible allotment runs two sessions per week throughout the growing season, enabling disabled and older people to grow their own fruit and vegetables in a supported environment.

As well as holding members’ sessions, the project is also accessed by St Andrew’s Academy, who brings its students, some of whom are taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme, and this gives them the opportunity to carry out their volunteering. Derby College has also been bringing around a dozen inclusion students each time they visit which helps towards their work experience. Plot to Plate staff have been speaking to Nightingale House & St Giles school too and, hopefully, they will be coming onto the project in 2024.

The project also has a partnership with Remedi to provide a space for youth reparation to take place. Remedi work with young offenders (similar to Community Payback) for those under the age of 18, who have court orders to carry out their given hours of community service.

The second Plot to Plate allotment is known as The Carers’ Plot. This was originally opened to provide informal carers with a similar opportunity, somewhere they could go and have some time to themselves. In addition, The Carers’ Plot is also open to those looking to improve their mental health.

Throughout the summer of 2023, both plots at Little Chester have been donating surplus fruit and veg to Age UK and A2C. Age UK has a lunch club every Thursday and supports around 40 people with meals. A2C (Alive2Community) is a community outreach group working with local churches in the Ashbourne Road and Mackworth areas. They hold school holiday clubs during the six-week holidays which provide food for the children. They also run a food bank, creating around 20 food parcels per week and a warm welcome space providing around 50 meals every week.

Plot to Plate has recently been contacted by Thrivemind Village regarding veg donations as they are in the process of se^ng up a community kitchen and they, too, would make use of donated fruit and vegetables. The Friendship Circle & Café based in Allenton has also shown an interest in receiving donations.

As these organisations can make use of surplus fruit and veg, Plot to Plate will be starting a new initiative which will trial throughout 2024 known as The Veg Box.

The idea is a simple one. Plot to Plate will continue to donate surplus fruit and veg, but also include other plot holders too in a collaborative approach. Around half a dozen plot holders have already agreed to donate their surplus. There will be a primary drop off/pick up point known as The Veg Box located on the front of the accessible plot at LiWle Chester where plot holders can drive up and drop off their surplus fruit & veg. Food banks and organisations like Age UK, A2C & Thrivemind Village would then be able to come and collect what they can use, helping to support more people within the community.

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